NaNoWriMo – Day 4

Well, today got me over the 10,000 word mark. That was my goal for the weekend. Now work starts again, and the writing slows down. I realized today about half way through the scene at the enemy camp that I was mostly telling, and not much showing. So we made a change with a note in the text to come back and fix this part.

The names finally got to me and I took the time to make changes. The baddest of the bad guys is Kotu and the chapter begins with him committing a despicable act. Someone you never want to turn your back on, like a bronze age verson of “that guy” in the project meeting. Except the knives he slides in are real. Also have another important secondary character, Morea. She’s a strong willed eight-year-old, and in need of a rescuer, who I just happen to have available.

Anan and Terja have searched through everything and gathered up supplies. Let the quest begin!


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