Controller: Chapter 1

Wednesday BriefsSo this week I’m trying something new. I’ve joined a group of writers who publish a flash piece (500-1000 words) each week based off a writing prompt they’re given. Most of the authors are writing them as a weekly series, which is what I intend. Also, there are links at the bottom of each story to other the other authors, so you might find someone else you enjoy reading.

So, this is chapter one of the first-person contemporary romance titled Controller. Oh, and the writing prompt I chose was Tootsie Roll Pop.

Chapter One.

The controller swung in a vicious arc, my thumbs sliding across multiple buttons on the pad as the sounds of war echoed on either side. The end of my gun was barely visible, and the barrage of bullets erupting from the barrel gave the impression of a light saber. A sensor went off, and I bit my lip as I did a front roll to escape the slicing katana whizzing through the air a hair’s breadth above me. I spun and blasted the assassin from the packing crate, his head exploding with a satisfying splatter of gore.

“Die, motherfuck’r!”

The door slammed open, breaking the spell, and I glanced over as the goon who posed as my roommate stomped into the room. Trying to refocus on the game, I took out a second attacker.

“Hey, dork. You been sittin’ in front of the damn computer all day?”

Back off, Tony. I don’t want your crap today. I grabbed a tootsie roll pop out of the stash of candy on my desk and sank my teeth against the hard sugar, fighting to not smash the controller in my hand against Tony’s hollow head. I sure wasn’t going to try and talk with him. It took too much effort to try and have a conversation. My physical attraction to the big blond had lasted long enough for him to open his mouth and say something. Our bond had plummeted downhill afterwards. I didn’t hate him, but I’d had enough of dealing with smart-ass jocks in high school. College was not going to be a badly done level two. My concentration was shattered when a pillow slammed into the side of my head.

“Hey, Dork! I’m talking to you.”

I paused the game, trying not to let out a noise indicating any kind of victory for him. “What?”

“You gotta be gone tonight. I’m goin’ to the Tri-Delt’s end-of-rush party, and I’m planning to get lucky.”

My eyes rolled. Wishful thinking. “Yeah, ok. But midnight’s it. I’m not sleeping in the hall.”

“Whatever. Just don’t be here.”

Tony stripped to go to the showers, and blocked out the noise of his preparation. I tapped the play button and rolled the sucker around in my mouth as I did. Just one last level and then I’m heading to the library. The door shut behind Tony, I relaxed into my chair, the tension lessening with him out of the room.

Concentrating on the destruction of the last attacker, I jumped when the door banged open again, and Tony bumbled back into the room. My fingers kept dancing across the controller as I successfully ignored him, until water splattered over me.

“Hey, Jerk! Knock it off!”

His laugh slammed into me and I flushed, embarrassed at the thought I’d ever tried to sneak a look at his goods or let him have some kind of effect on me. He’s such an ass. I can just imagine what kind of girl would go out with him. I locked my eyes on the flickering screen, trying to remember which way my last attacker had gone. I’d found the brute again and was slashing away at him when Tony started in again.

“Come on! You said you’d leave.”

With a sigh, I pause the game again and closed my laptop. I turned in time to see Tony holding in his package so he could zip himself into a skintight pair of jeans. I paused before shaking my head. “Yeah, whatever. I’m going.”

I shoved my computer and controller into the backpack and headed out the door. Unhappy didn’t even begin to describe how pissed off I was. My jaw clenched and the last of the hard candy shattered between my teeth.

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5 thoughts on “Controller: Chapter 1

  1. Interesting start. College fiction is pretty popular and there are a lot of directions you could take this. I’d liked to have ‘tasted’ the tootsie pop with the character, but you did describing eating it. Welcome to the Briefers!

  2. Yay! Another one of my favorite authors has joined the Briefers!! I’ll be looking forward to your weekly posts,


  3. Welcome. I have followed some of your work on LIT and was very excited to see you join the Briefs group. Another reason to enjoy Wednesdays. Guy with a Candy Stash who doesn’t love that and I want to know who out there could possibly eat a tootsie roll pop without crunching thru the candy shell, pissed or not that is the only way to eat them. Cherry rocks! Brushed teeth must resist temptation to raid my stash. Damn. Look forward to next week.

  4. try again. Welcome to briefs, another reason to love Wednesdays. Read some of you other stuff and can’t wait to see where this goes. Gotta love a guy with a Candy stash. Curious who doesn’t crunch through the candy shell in a tootsie pop, pissed off or not. Cherry rocks! Would hit my stash, but teeth brushed – damn. Can’t wait to see next installment next week.

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