What? Tagged?

What? Huh? Dang it, I’m never watching when I get tagged!

You got me Hel. Okay, so I guess. Hmmm

What are you working on right now?

I’m editing a contemporary M/M set in the rodeo circuit. The novel is 52,000 words and titled Drawing the Devil. Dustin is a young bullrider in the hunt for one of the spots at the National Finals Rodeo and Shane is a bullfighter (rodeo clown) in his mid-twenties and has been at chasing bulls around the area since he was fourteen. Both of them are coming to terms with their sexuality in the homophobic world of professional rodeo. I’m hoping to send it off to publisher by the end of the year. That means I need to get the final copy to my beta readers the first of December. Yikes!

How does Drawing the Devil differ from other works in its genre?

Well, I think the occupations of the two main characters are unique and interesting. The bull riding event is like watching demolition derby, people go for the crashes, and there are plenty of crashes in this story. Oh wait, that wasn’t the question. I guess the what makes Dustin and Shane’s story different is in how I tell it. Like most of my work, the details put you firmly in whatever the pair are doing.

Why do you write what you do?

Well, I enjoy storytelling and but having grown up in several rural locations I thought most contemporary writing didn’t do justice to LGBT people who make the choice to live outside of the city. I keep hearing from my readers how strongly they identify with the characters, that they are people they’d like to sit down and enjoy a beer with, or I’ve described them at eighteen, twenty-eight or sixty-eight. I guess I’m a softy at heart. I want the nice guy to finish first,

How does your writing process work?

I decide what setting I want to work in before developing the characters. The character’s names are an important part of my story development. Sometimes they’re pretty blunt i letting me know their names, other times they squirm and change several times before finally settling in and feeling just right. Dustin and Shane both had different names early in the process.

Next for me is the beginning and the end. I need to see where I’m headed and where I’m coming from. Next I plan out the story, some. My planning is pretty generic, more bullet points of things I want to happen in a chapter. Finally the fun begins and the characters take on a life of their own. Sometimes they behave, sometimes they argue with me, but mostly we work it out. Sometimes they sneak things past me and I think “where’d that come from?”.

Thanks, Heloise, for the tag. I’m reaching out to tag Jaci, JC, Jena Wade and Genna Donaghy. Should I duck and run?

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