Sandbox: First Love

This story I wrote quite a while ago and I’m glad to say my writing has improved since then. But I thought I’d share it with you, I think it’s still a fun little story. The writing prompt was intercourse.


Danny had been on pins and needles for months waiting for the arrival of his eighteenth birthday. Today was the day. His breath came in gasps as Kirk’s tongue invaded his ass. He could feel the stretching of his hole and was eager to give himself to the most popular football player in school. Kirk’s tongue burrowed deeper as Danny’s toes curled. He was ready, Danny knew he was in love, and wanted to share everything.

The evening had started innocently, just a belated eighteenth birthday dinner like they’d done months before in celebration of Kirk’s eighteenth. But they both knew the planned ending. Danny had found it impossible to not touch and caress his lover as they traveled to their destination. The rough texture of Kirk’s developing beard and the coarse dark hair on his forearms were infatuating, but Danny contented himself with wrapping his fingers around Kirk’s muscular bicep and leaning his head against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

They parked in a hidden spot Kirk knew, opening the car windows to the light evening breeze scented with evergreen and spring rebirth. Their time began with gentle kisses, their passion building with each touch. Kirk ran his hands under Danny’s t-shirt, pressing the cloth upward and taking his turgid nipple between his teeth. As Kirk’s pearly white teeth closed, Danny thought his body incapable of containing the pleasure that surged through him. The touch of Kirk’s hand drifting down communicated the deep emotions that had developed between the two. As Kirk began to fondle his package, Danny squealed, his back arched as he squirmed against the seat.

He gasped for air, on the edge of orgasm, when Kirk wrapped him in his arms. With effortless aplomb, Kirk lifted Danny and moved him to the backseat. Kirk crawled forward, trapping the slender man under him. Danny felt his heart race, his affection for the burly football player riding the crests of the growing physical pleasure. The remainder of their journey was lost in the haze of love that overwhelmed Danny. He only knew that any inhibitions were long gone, and tears of love threatened to cascade down his cheeks. The jab of a rolled tongue into his ass snapped him back to the present.

Danny’s pale slender fingers ran through the tight dark curls covering Kirk’s head. His body and soul were submerged in the sensations of lovemaking. The assault continued for several long minutes, and he let out a moan of disappointment. Kirk took a final swipe with his tongue and then stopped.

Danny dropped his chest to the seat and looked over his shoulder, smiling at the sight of Kirk rifling through the pockets of his shorts. With a grin of success, Kirk showed Danny the small bottle of lube, snapped it open and let it dribble between Danny’s cheeks. He sighed at the feeling of viscous liquid, but his eyes snapped open at the sensation of Kirk’s thick finger pressing inside. The intrusion was slow and caring, and Danny lost himself in the heady mix of love and lust.

“Relax. Just breathe and relax, it will be amazing,” said Kirk in a soft whisper.

Danny let out the deep breath he had been holding and focused on the delicious sensations coming from his butt, trying to force his muscles to relax. As he felt Kirk begin to move his finger in and out, he shuttered as Kirk’s rough fingertip rubbed over his hard nipple. Overwhelmed, he barely noted when Kirk added a second finger, his body a whirlwind of emotion and pleasure. The sensations crested and waned as Danny’s feelings warred between elation and ecstasy. But even the anesthesia of lust did little to lessen the initial sharp pain as Kirk added a third finger.

Danny’s body locked, his breath hissing through his teeth as the pain crested. Kirk caressed him, hitting every pleasure center they had discovered in their six months together. Time suspended until the sound of a zipper drew his attention. He watched Kirk coat his thick cock with lube. Soon he felt its bulbous head pressing against his hole, seeking entry. Danny fought to relax, pressing out, willing his muscles to admit his lover. The pleasure and pain intertwined until Danny realized Kirk had stopped and was fully encased in Danny’s ass. Danny was lost in the blissful pleasure, their eyes locking as the love between the pair forged a tighter bond.

“Do it, babe. Make love to me,” said Danny as the emotions and sensations bashed against him.

Kirk pulled out slowly then slid back inside, his speed increased as their pleasures built. Both knew they would not last long, the pleasure and anticipation was too strong. Danny watched his lover, strangely turned on by the sight of his man, still fully dressed, fucking his ass. The passion built, until Danny felt his orgasm begin. It was a new experience to see his cock erupting without a touch. Danny dug his heels in as he felt Kirk’s orgasm launch, pulling them together as his lover raggedly thrust inside until his balls emptied their youthful load.

The two drifted, touching each other, enjoying the intimacy of their post-orgasmic time. Danny felt Kirk ease out, with a simultaneous sigh from the couple. Danny watched as his football stud leaned down, their lips meeting, tenderly pressing against each other, and then separating.

“Happy Birthday, sexy.”

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