Sandbox: Candidate

He felt the hot cum spray against the back of his throat. He gulped, not wanting to miss a drop. But in spite of his desperate efforts, a thin stream of translucent fluid dribbled from the corner of his lips. He was addicted to the pungent white cream.

The grunts of release slowed, until only the post orgasmic panting marked the figure leaning against the nondescript restroom wall. But he was focused on the vein-covered beauty in his fist. His tongue traced along the still rigid dick, cleaning every vestige of cum from it.

He pulled back the foreskin and slipped his tongue in again. He knew his time was limited, but he couldn’t resist getting every drop that could be found. His nose was buried against the fragrant bush, when he felt a hand grab his head and pulled him away.

” Hey, dude. Awesome head. But I gotta go.” With no further conversation, he watched as the hot stud pulled up his jeans and fled the stall. He waited for the bang of the outside door, and then lifted himself from the cold concrete floor. He brushed the film of dust from his grey wool slacks. Walking to the sink, he washed his hands, then checked his face in the mirror before making his exit.

He got in his sedan, sat in the dark and embedded each sight and sensation from tonight into his memory to replay again and again in his shame laced fantasies. Looking at his shaking hands, he knew the time would come again. His need would override the guilt and shame. When it did, he would find himself on his knees again.

Double-checking himself in the mirror, his eye caught the small plastic cross his six-year-old had given him for father’s day. His fingers played over its textured surface as self-incrimination washed over him. For a moment, it threatened to overwhelm him, but then he squashed down his emotions ruthlessly.

He was good at being what he needed to be; it was his job after all. He pulled on a suit coat and then threaded the gold cuff links he’d gotten as an anniversary gift in place before starting his car. He pulled on the interstate, headed toward the state capital.

The fundraiser was in an hour, and you never leave them waiting.

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