Sandbox: Something different.

Ok, this time the sandbox is a little different. I tried my hand at writing a polyamorous relationship. Two guys and one girl. So be warned, if that not your thing, stop now.

Otherwise, enjoy the little scene with Cole, Dalton and Kelly. Let me know what you think. Would you like to see more of written about this relationship? No is okay. I’m just checking.


Well, I’d messed around too long again and now they’d be home soon and it was my night to cook. I’d had good intentions. The final that loomed over me consumed my afternoon though, now our meal was going to be some junk I’d thrown together. The ground beef was browning and the water was also ready for the noodles. I sighed, hodgepodge crap again.

The rattle of keys at the door signaled Kelly’s return. Damn, I’d hoped Cole would be first. If I had him eating, then Kelly would be easier to deal with. Now, I’ll catch grief about what a terrible meal I made. I jumped when the muscular hands around my waist belonged to no girl. I turned to meet Cole with a kiss.

“Hey, Cole. How’d the test go.”

“Ah, biology is such a bitch. I just hope I passed, that’s all I want.”

“I’m sure you did, you little whiner.” Kelly sauntered in and wrapped her arms around Cole and kiss him hard. I enjoyed the show for several minutes, their tongues progressing to probing each other’s mouths. They made a hot couple, Cole’s darkly tanned muscle and Kelly’s lithe hard body. Their lips slipped apart and I poured the supper mixture into the one huge bowl we owned. Cole glanced at the conglomeration, and wrapped his meaty arm around Kelly.

“Ran out of time again huh, Dalton. I think we should have some playtime, I haven’t got off for the last few days because of all the fuckin’ studying. I need some release.”

He reached over, grabbed my nipple and pulled me toward them. They brought me into the melee as our tongues and lips sampled each other. Soon all of us were panting and the room seemed close and hot.

“Come on,” said Kelly. “Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.”

She grabbed both our arms and walked to the bedroom. It was dim and cool, even in the afternoon heat. Cole moved behind me and ground his swollen crotch on my ass. Kelly pressed her breasts against my chest and ran her hands under my shirt as the two of them made me the filling in their sandwich.

Our exploration advanced as piece after piece of clothing dropped to the floor. The smell of wet pussy and hot cock swirled around us. Cole’s deep red cock slid between my thick thighs. Kelly moved away from us, my body aching with need as she crawled across the bed, leaned against the headboard and spread her legs and dipped a finger into her slit.

“You two have me so wet. I love seeing you make out.” Her finger pushed in deep and she sighed as Cole leaned forward, fastened his teeth onto my ear lobe and bit down until I whimpered. I shoved my round butt back toward him. We ground together and watched Kelly finger herself as Cole coated my crack with cock honey. I twisted in his arms, grabbed both his nipples and tugged.

“Come on. Fuck me.”

Kelly’s chuckle drifted to us. “Someone better be taking care of me too.”

I grinned at her and crawled upward, moving between her legs and lowered myself to her swollen lips. My tongue made a slash through her hot slit, filling my senses with the scent of woman in heat. As I pressed my face into her, I felt Cole coat my pucker with lube. He quickly followed with a finger that sunk into my gut and forced a moan out of me. The sensations washed over me from each side, Kelly thrashed under my tongue while Cole added first one, then two of his thick digits inside me and sent sparks of heat to my crotch. Kelly grabbed my hair in both hands and pulled me to her. An expression of near pain was etched across her face.

“Fuck me!”

Without a word I slithered forward, pushed her legs up and pressed the dripping head of my cock against her. I paused, teasing my dick across her slickness, watching as she writhed under me, her fingers twisting her hard nipples.

“Oh God, Dalton. Put it in, please put it in.”

I clenched my ass, and shoved myself inside. A scream of pleasure exploded from her as my steel-hard cock buried inside her. “Fuck! That’s what I needed.”

As I ground over her delicate crotch, I enjoyed the delicious scratch of Cole’s chest hair against my back. He paused and I froze in place, knowing he was about to give me my wish too. The heat of his cock was like a burning brand as he pressed into my clenched ass. I fought to breathe, and relax, needing him inside me. Kelly grabbed my nipples and twisted them hard. My body convulsed, and Cole slithered into me.

“Holy shit. Cole, you have a great dick, man.”

The scratch of scruff slid down my neck as he kissed me, slowly pulled out then pressed himself back deep inside. We moved carefully at first, but the action became natural as I moved between burying myself inside Kelly, then Cole filling my ass. Groans and sighs filled the room as each of us inched closer.

A high-pitched squeal erupted from Kelly as she tighten around my cock. She clawed my chest with her orgasm, driving me closer and closer to flooding her. Her body convulsed in a particularly delightful way, and at the same time Cole slammed into my sweet spot, and I was there.

“Fuck! Oh, shit yes.”

My ass clamped around Cole’s thick cock as I flooded Kelly. The sensations filled me while I bucked between the two loves of my life. The combination of being taken and taking always drove me hard to the edge. I shuddered a last time and collapsed onto Kelly while Cole thrust himself into me. His pace slowed, but I could tell he was holding back. I kissed Kelly.

“I think Cole needs some help here, what do you think?”

She winked at me and nodded. I looked at the muscular man on top of me. “Hey stud, come up here and let us finish you.”

He smiled and eased out. My cock had already slipped from Kelly. We pulled Cole between us, and began working him over. I trapped his face between my hands and kissed him hard, my tongue plunged into his mouth as Kelly took his cock in hers. Cole’s chest heaved and I could tell he was close. I slid down the bed and Kelly and I worked opposite sides of his cock. I gave Kelly a wink, slobbered over my finger and popped it inside Cole.

“Oh, crap!”

The first splash of cum splattered across my cheek. I wrapped my lips around its tip as Kelly fondled his balls. The streams came in rapid succession until it dripped from my lips. Cole’s body tensed for a final push and a glob of white cream filled my tongue.

I caught Kelly’s eye and we pressed our lips together and shared some of Cole’s sweet essence. We passed it back and forth for several wonderful moments. Cole rose, kissed us both and shared the sweet elixir. A few moments later, we reached our physical limits and collapsed in a heap on the bed. With my head on Cole’s chest I could hear his heart slow.

An unexpected growl sounded from his stomach. Cole propped himself on his elbows and looked at us.

“I think the noodle stuff sounds delicious.”

Kelly flipped on her stomach and grabbed the phone. “I’m ordering pizza.”


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