Hump Day Teaser

Trent looked over his shoulder to the largely vacant sidewalk. “Nah, I don’t see anything. Just a couple a blue-hairs shopping.”

Josh tried to relax, but kept feeling like they were being followed. He stopped to look in the window he was passing, and had to agree with Trent, he didn’t see the guy again. He relaxed measurably. Josh followed Trent into the western store and was soon lost in trying to decide what was the perfect clothing for them to wear to the wedding. They’d finished up and were standing on the sidewalk when Trent got a grin on his face when he spotted a coffee shop. He turned and grinned at Josh. “I want a chai tea.”

Josh’s face screwed into a scowl. “Ick! I don’t see what you get out of that.” He let out a low chuckle. “But while you’re there, I wouldn’t mind a latte.”

“Yeah, make fun of my tea, country boy.” Trent chuckled and bumped against his husband. “No problem, weanie. I’ll get your latte.”

“Meet ya back at the truck.” Josh smiled as Trent headed to the coffee shop. Josh turned to take their purchases to the pickup. He arrived to find a huge dualie pickup parked so close he could just get the door open. Dumbass! Parking so close.


Josh spun to find a huge guy standing at the other end of the pickup, blocking him in and too close for Josh to close the door and skirt escape the other direction. All the pieces flowed together and he realized this was the hulking presence he’d been feeling all day. I thought we were safe. I thought it wouldn’t come to this. But this guy looks crazy.

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