Hump Day Teaser

Here is a bit of one of the scenes from chapter 8 of Growing Josh.


“Please, youngster, call me Nanna. Everyone else does. And I think we’ve had enough fun at your expense, so we should explain.”

“Yes, ma’am…Nanna.” Trent got a nod and a smile. “We are a little confused.”

“Well, you know two-spirit mark good things for the tribe. Until Darrin and Mitch moved in, we hadn’t had anyone in a long time.” She glanced at her other guests. “At least not who was brave enough to tell anyone. Certainly not a couple.” She beamed at Josh and Trent. “But now we have two couples. Unbelievably good for the tribe. But one of them snuck off and got married under another tribes traditions…”

Trent’s lips formed an O as he took in the information. “So you want us to do a traditional Kiowa wedding? You want me to—steal—Josh?” Trent couldn’t suppress the chortle that came out. He turned to Josh with his lips pressed hard against each other.

“How do you feel about being stolen?”

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