New Sandbox

I’ve decided to share some of my writings when I’m just trying out an idea, setting or whatever. These aren’t fully realized stories, mostly just scenes or ideas I’m wanting to play around with. This one is writing with multiple partners in the scene. It was challenging, at least for me. But I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I’ve tried to turn on the comments feature so you can post comments if you’d like. Enjoy


Strip Poker

Kirk lifted the bottle and drank deeply. It only added to the tension building in the room, but then that was the idea. He locked eyes with each of the other three players, watching them squirm under his gaze. With a satisfied smile, he fanned his cards across the table.

“Full house. Read ’em and weep, bitches!”

Craig slammed his cards down on the table. “God damn it! That’s the third hand you’ve won. I’m fuck’n broke now.”

“Me too. I’m busted,” Shawn tossed his losing hand onto the table.

Kirk smirked at the two football players as he shuffled the cards. “Well, we could make this more interesting. Make this a strip poker game.”

The other three looked from one to another, the tension in the room amping up as they considered Kirk’s proposal. Shawn locked eyes with him. “Loser does what?”

The cards flew from one hand to the other as Kirk considered the answer. “Loser gets the winner off.”

Matt’s thick eyebrows arched over his deep blue eyes. “Like, a blow job?”

“Sure, head, or whatever…”

Kirk could see the sweat beading along Matt’s lip. The gymnast’s broad shoulders bunching and releasing while his fingers dug into the table. God, I want a piece of that beefy ass.

Shawn winked at Kirk. “Sure, I could use a good blowjob. Cause I’m gonna whoop your skinny ass.”

With a lopsided grin, he dealt the next set of five cards.

“Come on, Matt. You gonna bet or be a pussy?”

“Fuck off, Shawn. You aren’t the one who’s down to his jockstrap.”

Kirk leaned back and let out a wolf whistle. “And a fuck’n fine ass it is.”

Matt blushed slightly, his chest rising faster as he studied his cards. “Ok, I’m in. I bet my jock.”

Expectant glances were passed around the table as bets were made by everyone.  Kirk looked around with a smirk. “Alright, whatcha got?”

Shawn and Craig quickly showed their low hands and then everyone was focused on Matt. The tip of his tongue appeared to moisten his lips. The hand was laid on the table with a snap.

“Three aces”

Kirk looked around the table with an expression of dejection plastered across his face. He began to relieve his cards one at a time. “Not much boys, ace, deuce, five, queen and jack. Oh, wait. I do believe I have a flush. Looks like I won.”

“Fuck. We were just kidding. Right, Kirk?”

“I’m horny, and you lost.”

Matt stood, the pouch of the jock looking suspiciously full. His eyes pleaded with Kirk, who only gave him a smirk and motioned him closer.

“Let me help.” Kirk slid his fingers into the top of Matt’s jock and pulled it over his muscular legs. Matt’s hardening cock jumped when Kirk’s fingers trailed over his nuts. Matt’s look of desperation verged on panic as he looked back to see Shawn and Craig groping their crotches. “Fuck, Kirk. Not with them watching. Damn it, cut me some slack.”

“They can watch. Learn how a real man fucks his bitch.” Matt let out a sigh of defeat and began to sink to his knees. Kirk stopped his descent, lifting him toward his lap.

“No, I want to make out. See if those red lips are as hot as I think they are.” Matt obediently straddled the folding chair, settling his bare ass on Kirk’s jean covered legs. Kirk pulled them together, his lips smashed against Matt’s. As they passionately kissed, he heard a low moan from one of the other two. He shot a glance at them and saw that Shawn was slowly stroking Craig’s cock. Kirk let his lips drift to Matt’s ear, his tongue flicking out to caress it.

He whispered, “Is this your fantasy? You still want fucked like this?”

The whispered reply was barely audible. “Fuck yes, I’m so close. This is fucking hot.”

Kirk chuckled as he traced his tongue along the edge of Matt’s ear. “Just remember, they can watch, but I don’t share.”

Matt nodded, his body shuddering as Kirk’s teeth sank into his shoulder. Kirk dragged his fingernails down Matt’s solidly muscled back, leaving trails of red on its muscular expanse. Matt was humping against his crotch, obviously lost in the sensations coursing through him. Kirk looked over Matt’s body to see Shawn kneeling between Craig’s massive thighs, his head bobbing up and down.

He leaned back, pushing Matt slightly away from him. Their carefully orchestrated scene fell to the side as the feelings of love and passion overwhelmed him. “Get the lube, Matt.”

Matt dashed to the bedroom, returning with a huge bottle of lube. He stood in front of Kirk and filled his hand with lube. Forgetting the other people watching, Matt smeared his hand down his crack and then thrust two fingers inside himself.

“Damn, he’s finger fucking himself.” Craig grabbed his nipples and started playing with them as Matt performed for them.

With a groan, Matt let his fingers slide out and attacked Kirk’s pants. The button almost ripped off and the zipper was strained before Matt had them pooled around Kirk’s ankles. Then Matt knelt in front and tugged at the jeans, glad the socks and shirt had been lost in the poker game. Matt grinned at Kirk as he tugged at the tight red briefs covering a straining cock. The hooded prong escaped to slap against Kirk’s flat stomach.

“Damn, you’re a skinny shit.”

Kirk flipped Shawn off and waved his cock at him. “I run endurance dumb ass. I’m not some hulking football tackle. Put a cock back in your mouth.”

“Good idea,” chimed in Craig as he pulled Shawn back on his hard cock. The sounds of Shawn’s slurping soon were so loud that no one heard the wet sound of Matt coating Kirk’s dick with lube. He turned his back to his lover and steadily lowered himself onto Kirk’s hard cock.

Kirk let out a sigh at the tightness of Matt around his prick. The steady friction along his cock was a familiar delicious torture of their lovemaking. As Kirk was lost in the feeling of Matt hitting bottom, a thunderous crash startled them both. Kirk looked around the muscular bulk of his boyfriend, to find Shawn and Craig in the destroyed ruins of the poker table. From their stunned faces and the fact that Craig had somehow managed to not stop fucking his massive teammate, the cause of the disaster was evident.

“You fuck’n idiots! That table couldn’t hold your fat asses!”

Shawn looked over and flipped Kirk off. “Yeah, we figured that.” Craig slammed into him particularly viciously, and Shawn sunk his head with a groan.

Matt pushed back, regaining Kirk’s attention with a particularly agile twist. The sensations of lust flew through his system. Matt’s gymnastics toned body was a pleasure palace that enthroned both of them. Kirk’s body was rapidly approaching overload when a particularly loud groan from Shawn drew their attention again.

“Matt. Please. Come kiss me while he pounds my ass.” He looked at Kirk, obviously understanding the situation. “Just kissing.”

Matt looked back at Kirk, waiting for his acceptance.

Kirk kissed him, and nodded. “If that’s what you’d like.”

Matt crawled off Kirk, his shaking legs making it seem to take forever. He laid on the floor facing the blond Adonis, and his tongue snaked inside Shawn’s mouth. Kirk rubbed his aching cock up and down the length of Matt’s crack, then plunged himself in deep. A reverberating cry erupted from Matt as he buried his cock deep inside Matt.

The trio became a writhing mass of muscle and sinew barreling toward climax. Kirk knew none of them would last long, and pounded Matt mercilessly. When they did reach launch, it was in a rapid-fire succession.

Shawn marked his orgasm first, his brawn locking as his eruption covered the floor under him. With the tightening, Craig threw his head back, filling Shawn with youthful cream as he plunged in a final time. His body shook and his eyes rolled back with his release.

Kirk leaned himself across Matt’s back and whispered. “You’re next hot stuff.”

Kirk clamped his strong hands around Matt’s waist, holding it tight as he bucked into Matt fast and hard. Kirk lifted himself to hands and toes and thrust harder, rewarded with something close to a scream as he clipped Matt’s sweet spot. Less than a handful of thrusts later, and Kirk was rewarded with a familiar seizure as Matt’s climax rolled over him.

Kirk was no more resistant to the effects of his boyfriend final throes of lovemaking than Craig, and felt the familiar tremble starting in his groin. Slamming forward he pinned Matt under him. His system shifted over to only pleasure as his body convulsed again and again. With final wrenching release, he fell across Matt.

“Holy shit. I think I shot my nuts out.” Kirk rested his head against Matt’s heaving back.

“I know I did.” Shawn agreed.

Kirk raised his head to look at the two football players sprawled in the wreckage of cards, chips and table. “You assholes owe me a poker table.”

Craig raised his head from Shawn’s back. “We’ll be sure and find one before the next game. I wouldn’t want to miss this.”

Matt chuckled and rolled to his back. Raising himself he kissed Kirk gently and then cast a contented look at Shawn and Craig. “Sorry boys, any other games are cash only.”

With a contented sigh, he stood, pulled Kirk to his feet and then to their bedroom.

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