Humpday Tease

A little visit from Zach and his husband.


Josh stood with Christopher, and watched as Trent and Zach played with the twins. Josh had to admit, if someone had created children from Zach and Christopher, these kids were them. Light complexion and white blond hair, they looked like smaller versions of their dads.

He smiled at the antics of the toddlers. “They’re cute kids.”

Christopher glanced over and then beamed at his children. “They’re great. They’ve sure changed our lives.”

“I can only imagine…”

Josh walked over to the rug the kids were playing on and squatted beside them. “Hey would you two like to go see the horses?”

Timmy stumbled to him and Josh caught him just before he fell.


“Yup, you can see the horsey. Maybe even pet him. How does that sound?”

“Good! Ammy! Go see horthy!”

Sammy waddled to his twin, falling into Josh’s lap with a delighted giggle. Josh helped them both up, and started outside with them. By the time they got to the door, Christopher had moved to the other side and helped get the kids out. They ambled to the newly rebuild stables. Josh could hear the shuffling inside and then both horses stuck their heads over the stall doors and peered at the kids.

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