Hump Day Tease

I thought this week I’d share something with a little more heat.


“Stop it. It’s not fair to use your magic powers over me to get me to be reasonable.”

Mitch chuckled and shook his head. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know how sexy you look all laid out like that?”

“Does this make it better?” Mitch grabbed the tail of his tee and pulled it up, exposing his flat stomach and the hair fanning across it. The same peek that had driven Darrin crazy when they had first met back in college. Darrin could feel the tightening in his crotch as his cock responded to the show Mitch was creating.

With a gleam in his eyes Mitch continued his teasing show, lifting the shirt until his hard nipples were protruding above the dark hair surrounding them. Darrin leaned down, put his splayed hand over Mitch’s torso and let his hand explore it. “Yeah, maybe. You are just as sexy as you were when we first met.”

“Really? What about now?” Mitch flexed his abdomen, lifted himself off the couch and peeled the shirt off to launch it across the floor. Lowering himself in tiny increments, Mitch lifted his arms behind his head, exposing his thick hair of his arm pits. Mitch’s mating scent filled Darrin’s being. The sharp pheromone curled through his nostrils, sending electric pulses of lust to his now throbbing cock.

Darrin leaned in, letting both hands trail up Mitch’s muscular body. “Not fair.”

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