Hump day interlude

It’s such a beautiful day I almost forgot to post another selection from the latest chapter of Growing Josh.

Trent sat on the fallen giant, the damp atmosphere filled the air with the scent of moss and a millennium of growth and death to build this natural cathedral. Without a word he motioned Josh to him, pulled him between his legs.

“You having a good time?”

Josh let out a snort and grinned. “I see where you get your bluntness. Your family is a little overwhelming.”

Trent echoed Josh’s laugh. “Yeah, they did kind of tell us they were having a marriage ceremony. That was a little much.”

“At least they weren’t discussing whether you should wear a button blanket or not.”

“And you didn’t have to worry about falling out of the damn canoe either.”

Josh chuckled. “True, very true.”

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